Piatra Neamt, Romania, 2016,   8 th  edition


The Cultural Association Star is organizing, between  24 – 27.08.2017, the International Music Festival for Young Talents Volare, Piatra Neamt, Romania, in partnership with the Piatra Neamt City Hall and Neamt County Council and Centre for Culture and Arts „Carmen Saeculare” Neamt.

Volare Festival is a contest of interpretation and creation. The organizer’s purpose is to encourage the creation of songs for children and contribute to discovering and launching young interpreters Romanian and foreign of pop music. The festival also aims to bring in attention of Romanian and foreign tourists the city of Piatra Neamt and Neamt County, Moldova in order that Romania  be better known abroad.

The contest is made of two sections: INTERPRETATION AND CREATION and of four age categories: 6-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-14 years, 15 – 17 years and. 18 – 25 years. At the interpretation section, each age category will receive prizes (I, II, III) and mentions. Volare International Trophy will be awarded for interpretation to the competitor regardless of age category, which through his/her evolution has succeeded to make a powerful impression. Special awards may be granted by the press, radio or television stations, by  organizations or sponsors.

The creation section shall be awarded  with place  I, II, III  and  honorable mention.

The competitors that will participate to the interpretation section are allowed to participate to the creation section too.


  • Songs must match the peculiarities of age and temperament (music and text) to expressing concerns and aspirations of children;
  • The performance has to be original, inspired and to delight the audience;
  • Intonation, clarity, timbre, voice amplitude, diction and sound emission must be very good;
  • The vocal performance of the song have to be in accordance with age of the child regarding the expressiveness of the song and of the lyrics;
  • Interpretive style must be specific of the age, in order to express better the melody and text content.
  • Are NOT allowed songs of other genres: jazz, classical, symphony;
  • The competitor’s stage costume has to be appropriate to the age and in accordance with the song.


  • The song must be on first audition.
  • The composer will send a sworn statement to that effect;
  • The song and the lyrics must be in accordance with the age of the competitor.
  • Up to 2 songs per composer are accepted.


Every participant will send 2 songs recorded in mp3 format, playback and after the selection, the finalists will send the backing and the written permission of the composer.

The song selected by the jury shall be the one used in the competition. The song’s text shall be transcribed in Romanian or English (free translation). The number of the participants for each age section will be established by the pre-selecting jury based on vocal qualities of the competitors and the proposed songs.

It will send the following documents: application form and a color photo in the foreground, the jpeg support, no microphone or other accessories.

Songs widely known from the national and international repertoire of adults (cover) are accepted only with the agreement of the copyright holder.


The deadline for receiving the materials necessary for preselecting (song, lyrics, personal data) is  10.06.2017, the postal date. No festival fee.

All competitors must sing the songs sent for the preselecting. We do not allow other songs to be used in the competition.

The backing can include backing vocalists but different from the melodic line sung by competitor (especially the choruses).

The competitors that don’t have the written agreement of the composer and lyricist regarding the assignment of the copyright for broadcasting, in original, will not be able to participate in the competition. The competitor must have the written agreement of the composer and lyricist regarding the assignment of the copyright for broadcasting during the festival and after the festival, according to the delivered contract. The composer and lyricist will not lose the copyright for the song.

The deadline for preselecting materials (song, lyrics and personal data) is on 10.06.2017, e-mail address:

Preselecting results will be displayed on the festival site: on 01.07.2017.

The competitors, who will not have a written agreement with the authors of the song, will not be able to participate.

Each contestant is provided with a choreographed group which will need time to properly prepare.

The winners who are not present at the awards ceremony will be disqualified.

Elegant clothing is mandatory for the performance and for the award ceremony.

Each foreign competitor will bring his country flag (standard format for parade).

Ignoring the requirements will lead to the elimination of the competitor from this contest.


Singers and accompanying persons under the age of 12 – 200 euros.

Singers and accompanying persons 13 years and over – 250 euros.


  1. 4 nights accommodation and board from the 23th – 27th August in a 3 star hotel.  Departure on the 27th August.
  2. Opening Ceremony, Festival, Gala Concert and Party.
  3. Excursion and sight seeing.
  4. Souvenirs and Gifts.
  5. 5 The service of volunteers who will be at your assistance during your entire stay.
  6. Choreographic group which will do choreographies for all competitors;
  7. Broadcast online on

 Foreign delegations arriving at international airports will be taken by the organizers (from their arrival sites) behind a fee that varies according to distance. The details will be settled by phone or by e-mail. The parents/accompanying persons of the foreign competitors have to announce the precise date and place of arrival in Romania and numbers of persons in order to  arrange transportation to/from the airport and book for hotel.

The costs for accommodation and meals for accompaynig  person  is 50 euro/person/day. The precise number of accompanying persons will be communicated no later than 01.07.2017.

The decisions of the contest Jury and of the preselecting Jury shall be irrevocable and final.  No disputes are allowed.

For additional information, please contact the following address: ; website, phone: +40727753592 – Viorela Stoian; facebook: Volare Denisa Stoian.

The programs of rehearsals and the entering order in competition will be posted on the festival website.  For any additional information contact the organizers.

The festival organizers wish all participants GOOD LUCK!